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Paint It Forward was created during the summer of 2016 in a quaint + sunny studio apartment right in the heart of Philadelphia. Every nook and cranny of that sweet, little two-hundred and seventy-one square foot space was filled to the brim with pens + paint + craft supplies. It might have been a tight squeeze, but it was the place where I found the inspiration to begin this passion project...quickly learning that anything is possible when you simply find the courage to start.


Our name and purpose is inspired by the Pay It Forward Movement - a global initiative that exists to make a difference by creating a huge ripple of kindness felt across the world. Founded on the belief that one random act of kindness can inspire the next, I too believe that if we try to find the kind + spread the love through any situation, we all have the ability to pay it forward + make a difference in our own unique and special way. Through lettering, watercolor, custom design + limitless creativity, my hope is that Paint It Forward can inspire you to find the kind and spread a little love, too. 

From the joys of new beginnings such as weddings + birth announcements to celebrations + milestones such as holidays and birthdays; from life's big, happy moments to the ups + downs in between, Paint It Forward is ready to hear your story and create something that is beautiful and meaningful just for you + yours. 


Thank you for being here and supporting us + our mission. It means the world. Now...let's paint it forward together, shall we?


Photo by Jenn Hymel

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